Search to carry out a sentence and thousands of other words in English Cobuild dictionary from Reverso. a cinch cost an arm and a leg carryout example sentences. carry out the data. carry out the business. Learn Ludwig. Another word for carry out. Examples of Carry Out in a sentence I expect all of the men under my command to carry out my orders without dissent or hesitation, acting immediately and without remorse. Tiny checks and larger plaids carry out another trend toward classics. How to use carryout in a sentence. Definition: Food taken out of a restaurant to eat at home (noun); the action of taking something out (). carry out the case. carry out the tour. Two other teams were allowed to carry out inspections this week. carry out something definition: to perform or complete a job or activity; to fulfill: . carry out in a sentence - Use "carry out" in a sentence 1. RELATED ( 9 ) carry out the trial. You are offline. High quality example sentences with “carry out duties” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English. Sentence examples for carry out duties from inspiring English sources. carry out the activities. 2. carry out the world. Example sentences with the word carryout. 2) To follow or obey (carry out instructions) Learn more. Sentence examples for carry out the event from inspiring English sources. For example, Will you carry out the tools to the car? Today let's write sentences using the phrasal verb: "Carry out" Some common meaning of 'Carry out' carry out. How to use carry out in a sentence. Your parents expect you to carry out the chores they have given you, whether or not your household pays allowance for them. 1) To put into practice or effect. exact ( 1 ) Example: The scientist wanted to carry out several experiments before announcing the sending of human to the planet mars.. Out. The carry out list of example sentences with carry out. carry out the activity. Usually, carry out is seen as a verb phrase and can be used in a sentence as one. C Share your thoughts. In this sentence, carry out is functioning as a verb phrase and does not refer to takeout food. carry out the test. Find more ways to say carry out, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. carry out Meaning: put something into action, to accomplish something, to do something. If you´re not sure about how to translate your sentence, just explain (in English) what your Pv means and I will help with your translation. Filter. Carry-Out Meaning.